British International School

Disciplining Procedures

School Rules - Policies & Procedures

In order for BIS to successfully achieve its mission and stated goals, it is necessary to establish School Rules for students to follow.

These school rules are based upon school policies, which have been established to ensure the smooth day-to-day management of the school.

BIS expects all students to abide by the Code of Conduct.

Allied to this is a set of student rights and student responsibilities.

Code of Conduct

Living together is not always easy. We hope you will develop into a person who has self-confidence, self-esteem, responsibility and a commitment to others.

Our ‘code of conduct’ will help you. In summary:

  • Be prepared
  • Be courteous
  • Respect the rights, property and surroundings of others
  • Do not be a victim. Do not be a perpetrator. Do not be a bystander
  • Let others learn

In slightly more detail, this means:

  • Pupils should be prepared – you should always arrive on time with everything you need for work
  • Pupils should be courteous
  • Pupils should respect the name, property and environment of each other and the school
  • Pupils have the right to work without being disrupted by others
  • Do as you are told when you are told
  • Keep hands, feet, objects and comments to yourself
  • Listen in silence to your teacher or other students

To support this we also have a Charter of Student Rights.

However, there is also a Charter of Student Responsibilities because with rights come responsibilities.

A Charter of Student Rights

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As a member of BIS, you have a right:

  • To live your life in peace and safety
  • To be an individual and proud to be different
  • Not to be bullied
  • To say "No" firmly to anything you know is wrong
  • To tell a member of staff if someone, or something, is making you unhappy
  • To enjoy a high quality education

A Charter of Student Responsibilities

As a member of BIS, we expect you:

  • To allow others to live in peace and safety
  • To respect individual differences
  • To inform a member of staff if you feel that someone's rights are being denied
  • Not to be afraid of reporting any incidents; If you do nothing, it might suggest you are supporting bad behaviour
  • To be supportive towards pupils and staff
  • To play an active part in making this school a place of high quality education for all by making the most of every opportunity

The following constitute the basic school rules which all students are expected to abide by:

  • Students who are late for class or 'skip' class will be subject to disciplinary measures
  • Students who miss more than sixteen (16) days or periods of study without permission of the teacher or the administration will receive a failing grade and be expected to make up the time lost themselves
  • Students must receive permission from the administration to leave the campus area during school time, e.g. for medical appointments, etc
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school site
  • Students are not permitted to smoke
  • Students who display unacceptable behaviour will be subject to disciplinary action
  • Students who break teachers own classroom rules will be subject to disciplinary action

Student Disciplinary Procedures

It is important to stop a student's negative behavior immediately in order to protect the individual from self-harm and to ensure the safety of others.

It is also important that patterns of successful behavior are created and enforced in order for students to successfully access the education on offer and to improve self-image.

Student discipline is viewed by BIS as a necessary ingredient of a harmonious school which is based on 'mutual trust and respect', and a means to identify student problems and help them solve them.


As a final sanction, the school reserves the right to require the expulsion of a student.

The Director of Education may recommend this course of action to the School Board for serious or repetitive breaches of the school rules or if drugs, weapons or dangerous objects are brought onto the school premises.

Expulsion will be determined by the School Board.

Parents have the right of appeal within seven days of such a decision being made.

Parents should be aware that if their child is expelled from BIS, they will not be refunded the tuition fees for the current semester.

Parental Support in Disciplinary Matters

It is hoped that parents will support the school over matters of discipline and that students who are required to attend detention do so.

Parents are asked to ensure transportation is arranged in such instances and parents will be given at least 24 hours notification of the requirement for their child to attend.