British International School

Security / Emergency Procedures

BIS has a regular programme of fire safety evacuation drills with all teachers and students.

Safety and fire fighting equipment is regularly checked and maintained and staff have received training in its use.

Should a real emergency occur parents will be notified as quickly as is practicable.

BIS takes security especially seriously, especially in light of the fact that the school serves the Diplomatic Community.

A security officer is employed by BIS.

Video cameras and an electronic gate also add to our security measures. Students are not allowed off the school campus.

Unacceptable Items

It is the policy of BIS to maximize the safety and learning experiences within the school for all students.

It is therefore not permitted to bring any of the following items onto the campus:

  • Offensive weapons
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • or any other item which may constitute a weapon or a danger

Such items will be immediately confiscated and held until collected by a parent.

The BIS reserve the right to search a student and their belongings, should it be felt necessary.

A member of staff of the same sex as the student must carry out such a search.

Personal sports balls and equipment should not be brought to school unless authorized by the sports coach.